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Don’t fall asleep without brushing your teeth

A lot may happen within eight hours inside your mouth, especially when you are sleeping. The bacteria inside oral cavity can accumulate over your teeth forming a sticky film known as plaque which can harden to form tartar which can continue to get worse if you skip to perform regular oral care. Tar-tar has the potential to cause gum diseases, bleeding gums,loosen teeth, cavities and can only be professionally removed by a dental care provider.

So it is really important that you don’t fall asleep without brushing your teeth, because while sleeping as your body is in the rest mode, it produces less saliva in mouth. Furthermore saliva is a natural protector of teeth and gums; it helps to maintain ph which is ideal for healthier teeth so as to prevent damage and decay on tooth.

With this in mind, it is important that you maintain proper oral care routine by brushing twice a day and maintaining your regular visits to the dental office at Smile Dental at least once in six months to keep a check.




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