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Why teeth are important?

Something brief about your Teeth


Teeth are the hardest substance in your body, they not only help you eat and speak but also give your face its shape and provide a radiant smile.

All of us usually have 32 teeth in our mouth, which erupt by the age of thirteen except for wisdom tooth / third molars. Third molars erupt at around 18 years of age, but are mostly surgically extracted to prevent any misalignment in teeth.

We have 4 different types of teeth in our mouth; they are incisors, canines, premolars & molars.
Incisors are sharp, chisel shaped, they are the middlemost four teeth placed in upper and lower jaws, help in cutting food.

Canines sometimes called as ‘cuspids’ are the pointed teeth placed just beside the incisors on either side, they are used for holding and tearing food.

Premolars are placed just beside your canine, they are sometimes called as ‘bicuspids’, have two pointed cusps on their biting surface, are used for tearing and crushing food.

Molars have many cusps on their biting surface, are best for chewing and grinding food in smaller, tiny pieces. They are placed at the back side just behind premolars.

Your teeth are fixed in jaw bones along a curved line in both upper and lower jaws. The portion of tooth which is visible above the gum line is called the ‘crown’ and the part that’s inside the gums is called the ‘root’.

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