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First Dental Visit

First Dental Visit

First Dental Visit For ChildThe perfect time to schedule your child’s first dental appointment is shortly after their first tooth appears or no later than their first dental visit.

The General Dentist or Pedodontists can examine the teeth at their regular annual visits to look for signs of decay.

First visit is usually short & informative; it gives your child an opportunity to meet the dentist in a friendly manner.

To prepare your little ones, speak with them about what’s about to happen, have them practice to open & close their mouth to get them ready for dental checkup so that they can be more confident & less fearful.

During their visit, the dentist will examine to make sure the teeth and jaws are developing in the manner as they should, if there are any mouth injuries, cavities or other issues. After examining the dentist will clean your little one’s teeth and will recommend you the guidelines for proper oral hygiene.

For a great visit don’t get the appointment during their nap time, schedule it at a time when they are well rested and cooperative. Just make sure that they had a light meal, and get their teeth brushed prior their appointment schedule so that they won’t be hungry during their examination.

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