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Teeth Based Overdenture

Teeth Based Overdenture

teeth based over-denture

Teeth based overdenture is one of the option for those people who have few remaining teeth in their mouth due to poor oral health, systemic diseases or any developmental or genetic disorder.

There are different types of tooth supported overdentures, your dental care provider will advise you on which is the best according to your specific needs and conditions.

Some of the advantages of these over-denture abutments are that they help maintain bone height, improve retention and stability of denture; it gives psychological relief to the patient as the dentist will not extract their remaining natural teeth. If your dentist has to extract the remaining teeth in future or those teeth are lost on their own just in case, the same over-denture can be customized by your dental care provider so as to use as a conventional denture.

Even after the placement of over-denture you should try to maintain proper, adequate oral hygiene and regular visits to your dentist at Smile Dental at-least twice a year.

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