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Smile Dental

Certified Doctors

At Smile dental hospitals all the doctors are certified and professionally experienced

certified doctorsSmile dental hospitals have highly qualified doctors and staff with updation of their knowledge from time to time
Experienced highly qualified specialist doctors are accessible round the clock at all the branches of Smile dental Hospital

Different dental specialist deals with different dental problems

At smile dental all certified different dental specialists are available which includes general dentist who is available all time at Smile dental deals with all of your common dental problems, plans a proper treatment plan and make you aware of your oral health status

Endodontist or root canal specialty is certified dental specialist who particularly deals with pulp i.e. root canal and conservative dental treatments

Periodontist or gum specialist is certified dental specialist who deals with gums and soft tissues in oral cavity
Prosthodontist a dentist who replaces your missing teeth is certified dental specialist who deals with replacement of your missing teeth by fixed dental prosthesis or removable dental prosthesis

Oral surgeon or Oral maxillofacial surgeon is a certified dental specialist who deals with all minor, major surgical procedures, fractures of jaws and surgical impactions

Orthodontist a certified dental specialist who deals with alignment of irregular teeth, proclamation of teeth, different malocclusions and does correction of your teeth to make your smile better

Pedodontist or child dentist is certified dental specialist dealing with all the different dental problems like delayed eruption, delayed shedding of deciduous teeth, decayed deciduous teeth of children and adolescents
Oral pathologist or dental pathologist is certified dental specialist deals with all the pathologies of oral cavities like cyst and tumors

Oral radiologist or dental radiologist is certified dental specialist dealing with all the dental x rays and dental scanning for proper diagnosis and treatment planning for various dental problems

Dental Implantologist or oral implantologist is a certified dental specialist who deals with placement of implants for replacement of missing teeth

At Smile dental experienced implantologist are there who mastered in dental implants and are qualified even as teachers or professors for educating dental implants

At Smile dental all the different certified experienced dental specialist are available to solve numerous dental problems and make every patients oral health better.

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