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Single Visit Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy in a single visit

Single visit root canal therapySingle visit root canal therapy is becoming more and more popular among patients and clinicians alike.

It is especially perfect for those with hectic schedule as it reduces the appointment to one single visit.

It’s less stressful as you get one numbing shot, is less time consuming and reduces the risk of contamination between visits.

Your dentist might take series of x-ray before procedure to assess the extent of damage. After which you will be given a numbing shot, the root canals are cleaned, shaped and irrigated in one session.

The canals are sealed and restored. Your tooth will be shaped and reduced to fit the dental crown. A mould of the tooth is taken to ensure proper size and fit of the crown.

Finally a dental crown is glued on your root canal treated tooth.

Your dentist will prescribe you some antibiotics, pain relieving medications and will advice you post operative instructions for aftercare.

The pain and swelling after the therapy will reduce after few days, if it extends for few weeks then you should consult your dentist.

Taking care of your oral hygiene is a must; you should also avoid having any hard and crunchy food stuffs as it might induce more pain.

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