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Dental fear & Anxiety

Dental fear & Anxiety


Some of us will get nervous just by the thought of going to the dentist.

Dental fear and anxiety can leave them panic stricken and they go to any extent to avoid a dental appointment!

Anxiety and fear may develop due to any past negative experiences, fear of pain, if you are extremely self conscious or feel helpless in a dental chair.

Just because of this you may feel tense and increasingly nervous while in a waiting area itself. Similarly, you feel like crying at the sight of white coat, scrubs and dental instruments. Furthermore, the thought of dental office visit makes you physically ill and cause breathing problems during your dental examination.

Therefore, if you have any such concerns and fears about your dental treatment, it is best to speak up with your dental care provider. Our trained dentists at smile dental will use a variety of treatment options to help you ease your pain and any anxiety due to dental phobia.

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