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Dental fear & Anxiety

Dental fear & Anxiety


Many of us, irrespective of age, have some amount of fear to visit the doctor. The anxiety goes up if you need to go to your dentist. This may be because of the previous unpleasant experiences or maybe you heard unpleasant words from your friends, neighbors’ or relatives.

Because of the fear to go to the dentist, many times you might also ignore taking dental appointments and let your teeth suffer. But the great courage is in you visiting your dentist, overcoming all the fears and doubts, and having a happy and healthy smile.

Initially, let’s discuss about how you feel. You might just don’t want to go to a dentist because of the fear of pain during the procedure and injections. When someone talks about going to the dentist you might even face panic attacks and avoid talking about that. Even if someone convinces you to go to the clinic, your heart rate increases immediately after you see your doctor in the white coat.

But, in reality, there are so many myths and misconceptions that have been revolving around dental treatments making you fear more to visit the clinic. Now let’s talk about a few myths versus reality in dental treatments.


Myth: All the dental treatments are fearful and have to go through a lot of pain to get them treated.
Reality: All dental treatments are not painful. Dental issues can be easily treated without any pain. You can interact with the doctors a couple of times before you get the treatment. This makes you feel comfortable and helps you to gain trust in your doctor.

Myth: All dental treatments require injections and it leads to anxiety.
Reality: All dental treatments don’t require any injections. Only a few dental procedures require injections and are given to relieve you from the pain. Your doctor will tell you in detail about it when you visit your hospital.

Myth: Dental treatments are so long procedures that it may take hours together to treat.
Reality: All dental treatments do not take hours together. For several treatments, appointments are given priory and you don’t have to wait in the dental office for hours.

Myth: Eyesight is compromised resulting in blindness if the upper teeth are extracted.
Reality: There will be no impact on the eyes and your eyes will be completely normal even if you get your teeth extracted. Many people are happily a leading healthy life after getting their teeth extracted.

Our dentists in Smile Dental can help you to overcome your fear and anxiety caused by previous dental treatments. Smile Dental doctors can tell you various treatment options to ease your pain and make your dental appointments happy and fearful.

Some of us will get nervous just by the thought of going to the dentist.

Dental fear and anxiety can leave them panic stricken and they go to any extent to avoid a dental appointment!

Anxiety and fear may develop due to any past negative experiences, fear of pain, if you are extremely self conscious or feel helpless in a dental chair.

Just because of this you may feel tense and increasingly nervous while in a waiting area itself. Similarly, you feel like crying at the sight of white coat, scrubs and dental instruments. Furthermore, the thought of dental office visit makes you physically ill and cause breathing problems during your dental examination.

Therefore, if you have any such concerns and fears about your dental treatment, it is best to speak up with your dental care provider. Our trained dentists at smile dental will use a variety of treatment options to help you ease your pain and any anxiety due to dental phobia.

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