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Sensitive Teeth

Sensitive Teeth

What Can You Do About Sensitive Teeth?

Sensitivity of teeth can be an early sign that you might require an appointment with your dentist.

Having sensitive teeth can be extremely uncomfortable and it can be bothersome as well when you want to have your favorite food.

Or drinks for fear of getting a mild twinge to a sharp severe pain which can last for few minutes to hours.

Aggressive and overzealous brushing of teeth, consuming loads of acidic food and drinks,recession of gums due to any gum disease

or ageing, grinding and clenching of teeth, tooth decay, fracture of tooth are some of the common cause of sensitive teeth.

Depending on the cause of sensitivity your dentist will plan out the treatment for you like use of desensitizing toothpaste,

fluoride application to strengthen tooth surface, application of sealants on pits and grooves of your teeth, placing veneers

or crowns,covering exposed root surfaces of your teeth by gum grafts, in severe cases you might have to go for a root canal therapy.

To avoid suffering from it always use short circular motions to brush your teeth, never brush from side to side,invest in good fluoride based toothpaste,

have a gap of at least one hour after meals before brushing your teeth, avoid snacking between meal time, consume less of acidic

and sugary food and beverages, ask your dentist about mouth guards and sealants.


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