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Dental Fillings

Dental filling

dental fillings

Dental Filling : You might know of a dental filling as something that your dentist will use to fix the cavity on teeth.

Gold, silver amalgam, composite resin, glass ionomer cement, porcelain are some of the common dental filling materials which help your dental care provider to restore your tooth / teeth.

How they fix your tooth-

  • First your dentist will take a small x-ray in order to get an idea about the extent of decay in tooth.
  • Moreover they will numb the area of the affected tooth.
  • The dentist will use an abrasion instrument, drill or a laser to remove the decay.
  • After removing the decay and cleaning, a dental filling material is placed to restore the tooth.
  • Furthermore, the area around the tooth may remain numb for few more hours.


For some of us slight sensitivity may be present after receiving restorations and it is normal. However, you should maintain proper oral care and regular dental visits at Smile Dental to keep a check on your oral hygiene status.



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