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Prepping Tooth for Dental Crown

Prepping Tooth for Dental Crown

We usually need a dental crown in cases that require extensive restoration where a dental filling alone is not sufficient to save remaining tooth structure.

So as to say, in prepping tooth for dental crown your dentist will remove any decay, old restorations which are no longer in perfect conditions and then go for root canal therapy if there is any need for it. The main aim for prepping tooth is to shape it all over so a dental technician can easily fabricate the crown.

The dentist will do tooth reduction according to the space requirement in placing the crown, type of the material of dental crown (like metal, porcelain, porcelain with metal and so on), surface of tooth; furthermore, chewing surfaces of teeth require more space for added strength.

Finally after prepping tooth, your dental care provider takes impression of the upper and lower jaws in order to send it to the lab for fabricating a perfect dental crown according to your specific requirements.


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