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Smile designingSmile designing treatment procedure provides the person with an attractive smile and a long-term function. An attractive smile clearly indicates the acceptance of the individual in the society. But not every person is fortunate enough to have a beautiful smile.

Smile designing is the procedure where the identification and quality of smile is done and is also able to change the quality of smile with recently available techniques like restorative materials and restorations.

First the patient expectation and changes is to be known and a clean clinical examination of the smile is done and a fine treatment planning is suggested.

A prominent tooth display is considered with a beautiful smile and most of the people would like to seek the same.
Where a beautiful smile brings the confidence and improves the personality of the person

Smile designing can be done by many ways:

• Orthodontic treatment
• Restorative procedures
• Crowns replacement

When the alignment of the teeth is not irregular, an orthodontic treatment can b e done, to correct the alignment and maintain the symmetry of the teeth.

It is of two types where the orthodontic treatment is done:

• Orthodontic surgery
• Fixed orthodontic braces –Metal braces

Ceramic braces

Where surgical procedure is done by reducing the bony part of the maxilla which is protruded, where the form and protruded teeth cannot be corrected even after the braces treatment is done.

Whereas orthodontic fixed braces treatment is done to reduce the diastema, irregular form of the teeth and made it into proper alignment.

Restorative procedures are done to improve the smile of the patient where a minimal amount of enamel is etched and removed and a 0.5mm to 1mm of restorative material is placed and polished.

This is a minimal invasive procedure where only a small amount of teeth structure is included. This is done in the patients where the symmetry of teeth is perfect but discoloration of teeth is present.

The mainly used restorative method is composite restoration

Veneers is a modern method of treatment which is used to improve the quality of smile which are placed on the surface of the teeth by reducing a 0.5mm of teeth.

Crowns replacement is a vast technique where the structure of teeth is reduced on all the four sides to maintain the original structure of teeth and the size of teeth is recorded and the crowns that suits the original form of the adjacent teeth giving a beautiful smile.

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