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Suffering from Gum Recession?

Suffering from Gum Recession?

Suffering from gum recessionGum Recession :When margins of gum tissue, which surrounds teeth wears away and pull back, exposing more of tooth and/or tooth root gum recession occurs.

It is a common dental issue and most of the time you won’t even realize that you suffer from it as it happens gradually.

That’s not something you want to ignore, schedule an appointment with your dentist. So that he can carry out a proper treatment plan to prevent further damage.

Improper brushing can make it easy for bacterial plaque to turn into tartar which builds on and between your teeth, fluctuation in hormonal levels, use of tobacco products, clenching & grinding of teeth, misaligned teeth, piercings of lip and tongue are some of the causes of recession.

Mild cases of receding gums can be treated in dental office by deep cleaning; more severe cases might require surgery to repair the damage.

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