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Loose Tooth

Loose Tooth

Loose toothHaving a loose tooth as a child can be really exciting and overwhelming, as it feels that you have reached one of those milestones. But it can be really unnerving as an adult.

Some of the initial symptoms of loose teeth are swollen, tender, red and inflamed gums; bleeding from gums when brushing, gums start to recede, you might notice pus around the tooth, food gets lodged between teeth or below gum line, you might feel a change in the way your teeth fit together.

These signs might indicate an underlying disease; early detection can help your dentist to follow a proper treatment plan to save your teeth.

Adult teeth can loosen up when bone, gums and tissue supporting them get weak or stretched by any gum disease due to poor oral care, hormonal imbalances like in pregnancy, diabetes or other medical conditions; osteoporosis or due to any trauma as in clenching teeth or an accident.

To prevent it follow proper oral care, use a properly fit mouth guard during sports and while exercising, wear bite splints if you suffer from night time clenching or grinding, consult your family doctor to help prevent osteoporosis, keep diabetes under control & schedule a regular dental check up.

Depending upon the cause, your dentist can advice following treatment options like deep cleaning to reverse gum disease, mouth rinses and medications to heal infected gums, surgery to remove inflamed gum tissue and bone, bone and soft tissue grafts to rebuild lost bone and help prevent loose teeth.

If tooth/teeth are lost your dentist can help you restore your smile either by a denture, bridge or implant.

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