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Tooth restored in Single visit

Tooth restored in Single visit

Tooth restored in Single visitTooth restored in Single visit :It is uncomfortable to be without teeth and waiting for new ones is no fun too!

Latest technology and trends are impacting dentistry in exciting & new ways.

Cutting edge technology in dentistry helps require less chair time and produce satisfying results.

Bridges, dental crown, inlays & on lays, veneers and implant restorations traditionally take you about two to three appointments, but as more and more dentists are investing in CEREC-Chair side Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics, that usual second visit is eliminated and you are able to get your tooth/teeth restored on the same day.

It means fewer injections & lesser time taken from your hectic schedule for producing that beautiful smile in a single visit!

CEREC uses technology in which a computer, camera & milling machine is incorporated in a single instrument. So, a special camera takes three-dimensional picture of your tooth or jaw or the portion which has to be restored.

Dentists using this tech no longer have to take impressions, make temporaries or send molds to a lab.

The result is you get a high quality natural looking restoration in a single visit without needing any temporaries.

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