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Dental Implants

Dental Implants

The rationale is to take temporal advantage of the “repair cell cascade” of events that take place after a tooth has been extracted.

Other, more clinically oriented advantages include a decrease in treatment time and the number of treatment sittings for the patient and also a means of immediately restoring the empty space with an implant supported temporary crown, if the initial stabilization of the implant fixture is adequate.

In contrast to a temporary stay plate, the immediate temporization of a dental implant will yield better maintenance of the gingival contours, especially the scalloping of the gums between the teeth, during the osseointegration phase.

The ultimate goal of the implant treatment is to produce teeth that are aesthetically and functionally acceptable.

Advantages of immediate implant placement(Penarrocha 2004, Garber DA 1995)

    • Reduction of surgical procedures
    • Reduction in treatment time. With immediate placement need not necessary to wait 6-8 months for bone neoformation and healing of the socket bed to take place.
    • Preservation of the alveolar bone
    • Postextraction alveolar process resorption is reduced
    • Maintenance of ideal soft tissue contours
    • Better implant placement
    • Improved functional and esthetic results
    • Simplification of the prosthetic design
    • Improvement in the patient’s psychological outlook for dental treatment
  • Better patient acceptance

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