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Tooth stuck in gums

Tooth stuck in gums

Tooth stuck in gums

Tooth Stuck In Gums Sometimes teeth get stuck in your gums or impacted if it is blocked from properly erupting through the gums due to any reason.

Wisdom teeth or third molars are the most commonly impacted teeth, the second most common are canines from upper jaw and likewise other teeth can also get impacted.

Most of the times impacted teeth do not cause any obvious symptoms and they are usually found during a routine dental examination by your dentist.
If you experience pain or any other unpleasant symptoms associated with impacted tooth, the dentist will recommend its surgical extraction particularly for third molars.

Similarly for canines, eruption aids can be used like braces, brackets or extraction of baby teeth is done if they are blocking its way.

The tooth that is partially stuck in gums might put you at higher risk for dental problems like cavities, infection, pain, crowding or misalignment of teeth, difficulty in chewing, cysts and other gum diseases as they are usually difficult to clean.

The treatment of an impacted tooth can range from a simple surgical extraction, to a combination of oral surgery with orthodontic treatment to place an attachment on the impacted tooth for guiding it in proper position.

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