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Lasers work by transforming energy in form of light.

LASERS IN DENTISTRYLasers in dentistry Lasers work by transforming energy in form of light.

In surgical and dental procedures it acts as cutting instrument & vaporizer for
tissue that it comes in contact with.

For teeth whitening procedures it acts as heat source to enhance the effect of bleaching agents.

In dentistry, they are mostly used for cavity detection, tooth preparation & dental fillings, treatment of tooth sensitivity, reshaping your gums, lengthening of tooth crown, treating muscle attachment, removing soft tissue folds caused by denture and teeth whitening.

Our dental care providers at Smile Dental also use Lasers to safely view inside tooth and gums, remove benign tumors, treat sleep apnea, treat your jaw joint, help regenerate nerves & blood vessels, treat cold sores etc.

Pros of lasers: decreased need for sutures, minimizes bleeding, you might not need anesthesia for some procedures, lower chances of bacterial infections because laser sterilizes that area, wounds can heal faster, there is possibility of tissue regeneration, it creates less damage to surrounding area, preserves more of healthy tooth during removal of cavity.

Cons of laser dentistry are relatively small, as you cannot use it on already restored tooth & in cavities present between teeth, and they don’t work on large cavities.

Quite a few advanced dental treatment options are available these days & lasers
are one of those.

Furthermore if you think that you might be in need of lasers, all you have to do is to give a call to your dental office at Smile Dental, so they can schedule an appointment most convenient for you.

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