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Tooth Jewelry

Tooth Jewelry


Jewelry and tattoos on teeth are becoming the latest trends in body art.

They can be glamorous, dazzling and add sparkle to your smile.

Tooth jewelry is available as gold, silver, diamond, ruby, emerald, sapphire or any type of crystals you desire.

Unlike other procedures in dental office, application of tooth jewels/jewelry doesn’t require drilling; it is non-invasive procedure, completely painless and takes only few minutes.

They are small in diameter, don’t require extra maintenance, can be removed and/or replaced anytime and don’t harm your tooth enamel.

Tooth Jewelry is glued and bonded on your tooth by a dental grade adhesive which is light cured.

Tooth jewelry is stain resistant & don’t obstruct your regular oral hygiene maintenance or restrict your visit to dental office.

Teeth tattoos or “Tooth Meet Ink” concept is exactly as it sounds like.

You might have thought getting tattooed in past, but let’s face it every other person has one and it’s no longer cool and unique; but getting your tooth/teeth a tattoo is!

The catch here is, the tattoo goes over the crown or cap of your tooth and not on the tooth itself; which is a good thing imagining the hours it might take for a tattoo to be applied on natural tooth in your mouth.

Your dentist will initially take impression where the cap/crown has to fit, the mould is then sent to a dental lab where they add your preferred design. Finally your dentist will glue that crown on your tooth/teeth.



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