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Tooth Erosion

Stop! Tooth Erosion


Sugars in your diet aren’t the only culprit for decaying teeth. High content of acids in everyday food and beverages can just be as harmful to cause decay. But the way you consume them can lessen damage to your teeth.
Acids can leach away the protective surface of your teeth called enamel and expose the dentin or the underlying surface, which makes your teeth vulnerable to bacteria and plaque causing decay.

Sensitivity, discoloration, translucency, cracks, rounded teeth, small dents or cupping on chewing surface of teeth are some of the signs of erosion.

To avoid erosion:

-cut back carbonated drinks & try to replace them with water, milk, unsweetened tea or coffee.

-instead of snacking throughout, save acidic food items for meal times to reduce their contact with teeth, it also helps neutralize acids by consuming with other foods.

-drinking through straw minimizes contact between acidic beverages and tooth surface.

-cash in on “calcium”, as it might reduce the erosive potential of beverages and might also help in remineralization.

-avoid eating before bed time, because saliva flow is decreased while we sleep and it takes about an hour for saliva to reduce the acidity in your mouth. So it’s best to finish your dinner for at least about an hour before going to bed.

-don’t rush to brush! Wait for about half an hour or more after sipping a drink to give time to re-mineralize or re-harden the softened enamel surface. Brushing right away might remove tooth surface.


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