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ApicectomyApicectomy is a minor surgical procedure in which root tip is removed along with periapical pathological tissue (infected tissue). Your surgeon will remove about 3mm of root tip as certain periodontal ligament fibers attached to the tooth root also have infection.

It Is Done In :

  • Chronic (long standing) periapical infection.
  • Persistent Infection after root canal therapy.
  • Fracture at apical third of root.
  • Broken instruments in root (crossing root apex).
  • Root with overfilling of any dental restoration.
  • In anterior (front) teeth and also posterior (back) teeth.


  • First and foremost it will start with Local Anesthesia administration.
  •  The surgeon will give an incision to elevate the flap.
  •  An opening is made with the help of micro motor to remove Pathological
    Granulation Tissue with the curettes.
  •  After this your dentist will remove the tip of tooth root (about 3mm).
  •  Retrograde filling (reverse filling) is done to seal the root tip.
  •  Furthermore the dentist will suture the flap back again to the original
  •  Suture removal is after one week.

Instructions for the patient:

  • After an Hour or so, consume cool beverages like fruit juice or ice cream.
  • Avoid hot foods/ drinks.
  • Similarly do not use hot pack instead apply cold compress on the affected
    area to relieve pain.
  • Avoid pulling of lips or cheek till suture removal.
  • Maintain proper oral hygiene.
  • Moreover after one week the patient should visit the Dentist.
  • Lastly your dental care provider will do suture removal and check the healing
    status clinically and by taking a radiograph.



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