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Frequently Asked Questions

This Is Frequently Asked Question by Patients. Root Canal Treatment Is Done Under Local Anesthesia. It Is Not Painful.

Root Canal Treatment Can Be Done In Single Visit Also. It Will Be Done In Multiple Visits By Dentist Depending On The Severity Of Infection.

Before Giving Local Anesthesia Local Anesthetic Spray (Topical Spray) Can Be Used. Local Anesthesia Is Not Painful.

Wisdom Tooth If Completely Erupted in Oral cavity And If Patient Does Not Have Any Pain, Extraction Can Be Avoided. If Sidom Tooth Is Partially Erupted and If Patient Complains Of Pain Wisdom Tooth Should Be Extracted.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction Is Done Under Local Anesthesia. Patient Will Have No Pain During Extraction. On the Day Of Extraction Little Inconvenience Will Be There. Patients Should Follow The Instructions Carefully.

Bleeding Is Present During Scaling. Most of The Patients Are Quite Worried/Scared After Blood During Scaling/Cleaning. There Is Nothing To Worry Regarding This. During Scaling, Just the External Deposits Are Removed.

It Is A Misconception That Cleaning Will Loosen Your Teeth. Intact It Helps in Improving Your Oral Hygiene And Makes Your Tooth Strong. In Scaling Only External Deposits (Calculus/Tartar) Is Removed. These Deposits Cause Damage To Gums And Underlying Bone.

Implants Are Successful in Most of The Cases. If Treatment Plan Is Based on Careful And Correct Examination Of Jaw Bone.

It Is Not Painful. There Is Possibility of Little Inconvenience Sometimes. Patient Should not Bite Hard Things and Should Maintain Good Oral Hygiene for Success of Treatment.

At Times Dislodgement of Crowns Happen, When Patient Bites Too Hard Things and During Eating Sticky Foods. It Also Occurs Due to Insufficient Crown Length.

After Root canal Treatment, Tooth Will Be In Brittle (Weak) Condition. So, in order To Bear And Withstand Against The Masticatory Forces (Chewing Forces), Crown Should Be Placed To Increase The Life Of The Tooth.

For Few Patients Sensitivity May Be Present for Few Days. Patient Should Follow The Instructions Carefully.

Cavities Are Seen In Adults And Kids. It Occurs Due to Food lodgement. After Eating If Any Food Remnants Are Left Behind, It Leads to Cavity Formation. They Are More Likely to Occur After Eating Sticky Foods Like Chocolates and Sweets. If Proper Rinsing of Mouth Is Done, After Eating and Regular Flossing This Can Be Prevented.

Yes, Definitely Use of Dental Floss Ois Beneficiary. It Can Be Used As An Adjunctive For Cleaning Purpose. This Serves the Purpose of Cleaning Where Bristles Of Brush Cannot Be Reached.

Most of The Patients Neglect This. Generally, After the Tooth Is Lost, The Adjacent Teeth Tend to Occupy the Missing Space, Even the Opposing Tooth Tend To Move. There Will Be Gradual Resorption of The Bone in Missing Teeth Region. If Anterior (Front)Teeth Is Missing, Patient Will Loose Aesthetics. If Posterior (Back)Teeth Re Lost, Masticatory (Chewing)Purpose Will Be Affected.

After Once Scaling Is Done, Patient Should Maintain Properly. Scaling Is Recommended for Once In A year Or Once In Six Months Depending On Maintenance.

Yes, It Is Helpful For Proper Maintenance.

Toothbrush Should Be Changed For Once In Three Months.

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