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Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal TreatmentRoot canal therapy is actually a process in which diseased, damaged or dead pulp (soft tissue inside your tooth with nerves and blood vessels) is removed from the canals of tooth.

The dentist will clean the canals, shaped it, and fill with a suitable dental restoration.

Tooth pulp can get damaged due to any reason and one of the major causes is carious tooth, due to which the infection has reached the pulp causing inflammation leading to severe pain, damage and loosening of the affected tooth.

Some of the other common causes like cracked tooth or any other injury to a tooth or gum infection can damage your tooth pulp.

If it is left untreated then it can cause pus formation at root tips and lead to infection in jaw bone.

Abscess will destroy the bone and other structures surrounding tooth.

In root canal therapy your dentist will remove the infected pulp tissue and furthermore restore the tooth by cleaning, shaping and filling of canals using a suitable restorative material.

Root canal therapy can be done in a single appointment or it might also take multiple visits depending on the situation of infected tooth.

Root canal treated tooth is usually brittle and prone to fracture as well as there is not much tooth structure left because of a previous huge cavity.

Hence after the treatment a crown is placed on the tooth to restore its natural shape, appearance and prevent it from any possible damage or fracture.

Root canal therapy is one of the best options to save your natural tooth structure from further damage.

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