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Wisdomtooth / Thirdmolar / Impacted Tooth

Wisdomtooth / Thirdmolar / Impacted Tooth

Impacted Tooth

Impacted tooth/Wisdom Tooth Erupts Between 17-21 Years Of Age. They May Erupt At Later Stage Of Life Also. These Teeth May Erupt Completely In Oral Cavity When There Is Enough Space For Eruption.

They May Erupt Partially, Partial Part Of Tooth Embedded In Bone Itself (Or )It May Not Erupt Completely.

Wisdom Tooth Erupts Completely When There Is Enough Space, Patient May Not Feel Any Pain Or Discomfort, It Need Not Be Extracted In Such Cases. But, When Wisdom Tooth Erupts Partially(Or)May Not Erupt By Embedding In The Bone ,Patient Will Have Pain.

In These Cases, Wisdom Tooth May Erupt Vertically, May Erupt Horizontally, May Erupt In Mesioangular Direction, May Erupt In Distoangular Direction.

Difficulties Patient Face:
2)Pain. Sometimes Pain May Radiate To Other Parts Like Ear, Head Region.
3)Difficulty In Opening Mouth
4)Sometimes Pus Discharge.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction Is Done Under Local Anaesthesia. An Opg Should Be Taken Prior To Impaction (Extraction).After Impaction Suture Is Placed. Suture Will Be Removed After A Week.

Patient May Have Swelling and Restricted Mouth Opening Depending Upon Position Of Tooth Not In All Cases.

Patient Will Have Little Inconvenience/Difficulty On The Day Of Extraction.

Precautions :
1)Patient Should Take Cool Fluids/Ice-cream After Half An Hour To 45 mins After Extraction.
2)Should not Apply Zandubalm / Hot pack. Can Use Ice Pack.
3)Should not Spit Till 24 Hrs.
4)It Is Better To Avoid Hot Food During The Day Of Extraction.

If Swelling Is Present After Impaction It Will Subside Gradually. If Restricted Mouth Opening Is Present, After Couple Of Days Of Extraction

Patient Should Practise Mouth Exercise For Normal Mouth Opening. Antibiotics And Painkillers Are Prescribed After Impaction.

So, As Patient Is Not Having Any Pain And Is Completely Erupted Extraction Can Be Avoided. But, When Patient Will Have Discomfort Extraction Should Be Done.

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