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Clearbite Aligners

Clearbite Aligners

Clearbite alignersClearbite aligners are virtually invisible and clear plastic appliances made with CAD CAM technology, usually as an alternative to braces.

They work in a similar fashion like other clear aligners to correct misaligned teeth and jaws.

This system uses a series of removable clear aligners; each set is worn for about two weeks.

You can remove it while eating, drinking and while performing your regular oral care.

Follow up visits is every two to four weeks.

The average treatment time usually ranges between six to eighteen months.

Furthermore they are easier for you to maintain, as you can remove them to clean properly. Plus you will not have any inconvenience when you are eating or drinking.

Clearbite aligners additionally are the preferred choice of most professionals as they do not affect your speech and absolutely unnoticeable as well.

It does not have any age bar for treatment, so they are equally suitable for the elderly too. As the treatment is quicker comparison with other methods, you have less in clinic appointments and moreover it is user friendly.

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