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Child Dental Care

Child Dental Care

child dental care

Child Dental care is as important for a child as it is for adults to maintain their overall health. Regular tooth brushing routine is essential for children.

You start brushing their teeth as soon as their first tooth erupts at around six months of age twice a day for two minutes. Use toothpaste containing no less than 1000 ppm for kids.

Apply only a smear layer of toothpaste and do make it sure that your kid does not lick or eat the toothpaste from tube.

To help them on proper brushing technique guide your kid’s hand so that they can feel proper movement.

Use a mirror to help them see where to place the toothbrush properly and try to make this routine as fun as possible for the child.

Do remember to take your little ones for regular dental visits at least twice in a year.

Your child’s first dental visit should take place six months after their first tooth erupts or when they are about one year old.

Dental visits can prevent any future troubles for your child as the dentist can identify early signs of the tooth decay and provides preventive treatment to stop it from progressing.