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Sealing Tooth Grooves

Sealing Tooth Grooves

Sealing Tooth Grooves

Sealing Tooth Grooves :Getting sealants on teeth is quick and easy. They are usually billed as an extra protection against cavity for kids, youngsters and adults too.

These are applied on as liquid and quickly harden to form shield over the grooves usually on chewing surfaces of back teeth.

While applying them your dentist will first clean the tooth then dry it and pack some cotton around the tooth, after that he will apply a solution on tooth surface to make it rough, the tooth is again rinsed and dried then a new cotton is placed around it, the sealant is finally applied on the grooves in liquid form which is then hardened in few seconds.

Even though brushing your teeth regularly and flossing can prevent plaque buildup and remove food debris from tooth surface, they can’t always get into the nooks and crannies of back teeth as they are hard to reach.

So, dental sealants help prevent cavities by sealing tooth grooves.

Sealants can help protect your teeth for about ten years, so they need to be checked out frequently by your dentist to look out for any cracks or damage.

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