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TMJ Syndrome

TMJ Syndrome

TMJ syndrome

TMJ- the temporomandibular joint is a joint which connects your jaw with skull bone.

It is usually common to have pain and disturbances in function with this joint.

TMJ syndrome is mostly characterized by pain in jaw joint, restricted jaw movement, pain in muscles, stiffness of jaw muscles, clicking sounds while opening and closing mouth.

Trauma due to any accident, bruxism of clenching of teeth, bone disorders like rheumatoid arthritis, improper body posture, misalignment of teeth, tooth infection, cancer in the region are some of the causes of TMJ syndrome.

Your dental care provider at Smile Dental can diagnose it by taking complete medical history and doing physical examination in order to find the cause of this syndrome.

Furthermore, as there isn’t any specific test to diagnose TMJ syndrome an MRI of this joint is taken to detect any damage if present and rule out other possible causes of joint pain.

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