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Oral Care

Your oral care involves the education, treatment and over all maintenance of your teeth and gums. From daily brushing to annual dental cleanings, thes...

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Allergy is your body system’s response to any foreign substance that is not usually harmful to you. It can be food, medication, pollen or dander. No...

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Dry Socket

When tooth is extracted, blood clot usually develops to protect tissue and promote healing. Among other things, this blood clot will create a protecti...

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Plaque & Tar-Tar

Plaque is a thin layer of colorless or pale-yellow bacterial film that gradually starts to form on tooth surface within 12 hours of brushing. Plaque c...

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Oral care when you are senior

As we get older our teeth require more attention, since we get only a single set of permanent teeth it is extremely crucial to take proper care of the...

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Acid and Chemical Burns

Burns damage your skin and other body tissues. Heat, cold injuries, exposure to chemicals, and electrical injuries can cause burn. Furthermore for any...

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Mouth ulcers

  Mouth ulcers are usually small and painful lesion which occurs either in your mouth or along the gum line. Mouth ulcers can make it difficult f...

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We often don’t realize the dangers of using our teeth other than chewing, speaking and smiling. Sometimes we use our teeth to do number of odd jobs ...

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Dental x-rays

Dental x-rays are one of the diagnostic tools which helps your dental care provider to diagnose the extent of damage and disease that is not visible d...

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Don’t fall asleep without brushing your teeth

A lot may happen within eight hours inside your mouth, especially when you are sleeping. The bacteria inside oral cavity can accumulate over your teet...

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