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Dental implants on same day

Dental implants on same day

Dental implants on same dayWhenever you here any dental professional saying ‘immediate loading implant’, they are speaking about immediate placement of implant with a dental crown.

Many patients benefit from implants, but it can be cumbersome for some of us to wait for new set of teeth.

If you are one of them, then same day implants are the one for you.

A traditional implant usually requires a waiting period of about six months between visits; in immediate loading implants you can have that whole procedure on the same day.

Same day implants require a short recovery period as you just have a single appointment with your dentist unlike traditional implants placements which requires recovery period after each dental visit.

As the dental crown is placed on implant that same day, gums grow around it and make it look more natural.

Gums fit with crown better; however there are slight chances of tissue remodeling for some cases.

On the day of appointment, your dentist will review your complete dental & medical history, answer any doubts regarding the procedure and explain you about what’s going to happen.

During the procedure your dental surgeon will give you numbing shots or you will receive anesthesia that will make you sleep during surgery.

Once you are numb or asleep he will right away start the surgery.

As per the guide your surgeon will place implant in jawbone, which is relatively a quicker step.

After the surgery is done he will immediately attach the crown on implant post.

As with any surgical procedure, you will have some pain and discomfort when the anesthesia wears off.

It is expected, considering your surgeon just drilled the implants into your bone.

Your dentist will prescribe pain relieving medications and give you post surgery instructions for speedy recovery and aftercare.

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