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Getting your tooth “screwed”???

Getting your tooth “screwed”???


Before introduction of implants in dentistry, the options available for lost teeth were either dentures or bridges. Implants have revolutionized the way your dentist plans treatment nowadays

Implants replace your missing tooth/teeth without sacrificing the health of your adjacent natural teeth and gum tissues

They help regain your self confidence as they look and feel like natural tooth

The success rate is higher compared with other conventional treatment options

They are cylindrical or screw like and are placed surgically inside your jaw; they function just like your tooth root so they prevent bone loss around them unlike bridges where you have you to grind the teeth beside it and there are chances of bone loss in area of missing tooth

There’s no loss of appetite as you are able to taste the food and chew properly

There’s no ticking or fear of teeth falling off from your mouth like in dentures

After surgical placement inside your jaw the implant and bone are allowed to fuse together over next two to six months in order to gain support for your artificial tooth; during which a temporary crown can be worn over the implant. This second step is necessary to uncover the implant and attach an extension. Temporary crown completes foundation for placement of new crown; after the procedure your gums are allowed to heal for few weeks

Some implant systems do not require this second step as they use an implant which already has extension piece attached

Finally after required healing process your dentist will place the permanent crown over the small metal head or abutment

Your dentist will advise the treatment plan best suited to your case

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