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Implant Failure

Implant Failure

Implant failure
Although rare there are number of reasons for implant failure, it can happen because of poor oral hygiene, any underlying systemic disease, bone disorder, cancer, allergic reaction, bruxism, damage to nerve or blood vessels, smoking, some medications or any other dental issue.

Pain and swelling of gums around dental implant, gum bleeding, shifting of implant, difficult to bite and chew , gum recession around the implants are few of the symptoms to look out for a dental implant failure.

Regardless of the cause, it is best to consult your dental care provider at one of our clinics or hospitals of Smile Dental Group about the risks involving and how to prevent them before you plan out for implant placement.

Treatment includes following proper oral care, maintaining regular visits to your dentist to monitor oral hygiene maintenance, laser therapies, medications, surgery to restore gum surrounding the dental implants, replacing failed implant.

While the dental implant site is healing, your dental care provider will advise to avoid any of the risk factors leading to dental implant failure like smoking, wait for the course of cancer therapy to complete before implant procedure, monitoring proper oral care and so on…

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