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Types of Dental Implants

Types of Dental Implants used in our Practice

Types of Dental ImplantsTypes Of Dental Implants:


Basal implants:-

They are used for restoring multiple teeth in both upper and lower jaws can be placed in healed bones and immediately in tooth socket after extraction as well.

They are ideal implants if you have less bone width in your jaws and tight schedule.

Basal SS implants:

They are basically the sandblasted version of ‘basal implants’, these dental implants can also be placed in extraction socket as well as healed bones and are ideal for those with less bone width and height.

Basal MU/ pterygoid plate/ cortical implants:

They are single piece implants used for immediate loading in areas with low bone density, especially as an alternative to sinus lift or other bone grafting procedure in back tooth region of upper jaws.

They have high success rate and good patient acceptance.

Root form implants:

These types of implants are suitable for both single and multiple restorations with both immediate and delayed placement of dental implant in upper and lower jaws.

It requires sufficient bone width and height for its placement.

Compressive implants:

It’s a single piece implant with compression thread, used for immediate loading multiple unit restorations in both the jaws.

It requires adequate bone both horizontally and vertically.

Compressive K implants:

These implants are designed in such a manner that they can be fixed to the lateral alveolar walls during the procedure.

The surface area of this implant is wide and so they are ideal for placement at the back-tooth region where there are high mastication forces or in any area with soft bone structure.

These implants can save the aesthetics of your smile after losing a permanent tooth.

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