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Retainers For Teeth

Retainers For Teeth


Ever wondered why do you have to wear retainers after your orthodontic / braces treatment? What is actually a retainer and what’s their function?
Retainers help maintain bite, alignment of teeth and similarly your smile after braces treatment.

The dentist or orthodontist at our smile dental clinics / hospitals can place a fixed or fabricate a removable one depending on your case.

For fixed retainer a thin wire is usually bonded on back side of lower front teeth with dental cement.

It has the best outcome after treatment as it is fixed and worn continuously.

A removable retainer is a combination of wire running across the upper / lower front teeth with acrylic or plastic material and hooks on back tooth
region for holding retainers in place.

As they are removable, it is easier to clean your teeth and eat your food.

Your dental care providers will initially advice you to wear it continuously for three months day and night after that if there is no movement in teeth

alignment the dentist will advise you to wear it only during night time.

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