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Whitening your Teeth



Teeth whitening, the most common dental procedure can greatly help to improve your smile by making teeth whiter and brighter.

You have two options for whitening teeth, either by in-office teeth bleaching or using at-home whitening kits. Both of these teeth whitening systems use peroxide-based agents.

Before you opt for any type of dental procedure, it is best to consult your dentist on which is suitable for you. Results are different for each individual, do remember that bleaching will not whiten dental crowns or tooth colored restorations.

For in-office teeth whitening procedure, the dentist might take photos of your teeth first, so that it will help them monitor the progress, your complete medical and dental history will be taken to know what actually caused discoloration of teeth.

After that, the dentist or hygienist will clean your teeth, to prepare them for bleaching procedure.

Your teeth might get three to eight shades brighter; it might take you several visits to achieve the desired results.

There are numerous options for at home bleaching like using teeth whitening strips or gels, tooth whitening toothpastes or use of tray based bleaching systems.

In tray based bleaching systems, your dentist can make custom fit trays that fit perfectly on teeth to hold whitening gel, they can be placed on your teeth for one or more hours for several weeks till you achieve the desired results.

To maintain your brighter smile after any whitening procedure you must avoid any food or beverages that could stain your teeth.