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Tooth Abscess / Tooth Swelling

Tooth Abscess / Tooth Swelling

Tooth Abscess - Tooth Swelling

Abscess Is Localized Collection Of Pus.

Abscess Is Caused By Bacterial Infection. Bacteria Enters Into Gums Through Deposits Which Are Accumulated Over Tooth.

Abscess Formation Is More Seen In Diabetic Patients, Patients On Chemotherapy, And People Who Maintain Poor Oral Hygiene.

Dental Abscess Are of Three Types

1)Periapical Abscess. 2)Gingival Abscess. 3) Periodontal Abscess

Symptoms: Abscess Will Be Painful, Will Have Intense Pain.

There Will Be Redness And Swelling In The Affected Area. There May Be Spreading Of Pain To Other Parts Like Ear, Jaw. There May Be Fever, Bad breath. Pus Discharge Will Be Present.

Loose Tooth. Causes: 1)Poor Oral Hygiene 2) Untreated Decayed Tooth
Improper Rinsing Of Mouth Leads To Calculus (Deposits) Formation. Bacteria Is Present In These Deposits Which Can Enter Beneath The Gums Subsequently May Lead To Periodontal Abscess Formation.

If Abscess Is Mild (Small) Tooth Can Be Treated by Doing Root Canal Treatment. If the Abscess Is Severe The Tooth Should Be Extracted.

If Abscess Is Confined To Root Of Tooth It Is Periapical Abscess. It Can Be Confirmed by Using Radiographs. Periapical Abscess Can Be Treated By Root Canal Treatment.

If Abscess Is Present Over Gums, It Is Gingival Abscess. Gingival Abscess Is Due to Subgingival Deposits. It Can Be Treated By Proper Scaling And Curettage.

If Abscess Is Confined To Periodontal Tissues (The Tissues Surrounding The Tooth) It Is Periodontal Abscess.
There Will Be Pocket (Deepening of Gingival Tissue) Formation In Periodontal Abscess. There Will Be Bone Loss Radiographically.

Multiple Periodontal Abscess Formation Are Seen in Diabetic Patients. If Untreated Leading To Further Loosening Of Teeth. Periodontal Abscess Can Be Treated by Incision and Drainage, Proper Cleaning of Pockets And Root Planning.

If Recurrence Is There the Teeth Should Be Extracted.

In Treatment of Abscess Incision Drainage Is Done Followed by Antibiotics And Painkillers.

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