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Baby’s Teething

Baby’s Teething

Baby’s Teething

Baby’s Teething :-Teething is the rite of passage for little ones during which the tooth is pierced out from gums; so it’s no surprise that it can be painful and stressful for them.

Your child can start teething as early as two months till they reach around two years of age or when they get all their milk teeth.

The baby might start dribbling more than an NBA player, so get those bibs ready and wipe of any saliva with a soft cotton cloth from your baby’s face.

It might get hot in there and the baby might have slight rise in temperature, but if the fever is more than 101°F you should consult the pediatrician.

Your little one might chew on anything they can get their hands on, so save your car keys and fingers with a good teether.

If they allow you a tiny peek in their mouth you might see signs of sore gums where they have been rubbing to ease their pain.

Due discomfort and pain your child might be awake for longer periods of time.

And who wants to eat when in pain! They might lose their appetite, so tempt them with some cold and tasty treats.

Experience might vary from one child to another; some lucky babies may show few or no symptoms at all.

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