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Alveoloplasty is a dental procedure done to smooth out bone surface.

Usually it is done after removal of teeth to smooth the bony irregularities, which can cause hindrance while placing a dental prosthesis.

Generally, after tooth extraction, a surgeon will compress the socket to avoid it; irregularities still present are corrected by alveoloplasty.

During the procedure, dentist will first palpate the entire ridge to check bony irregularities, after which they will give you a numbing shot.

A full-length incision is given with a blade and a flap is elevated by the dentist.

After elevation they will remove the bony spicules and file it so as to get a smooth contour after reshaping and smoothening of bone, the flap is sutured back to the original position. Suture removal is done after a week.



Do not spit for around 24 hours after procedure.

Consume cold food items like ice-cream/fruit juice after an hour or so.

Do not apply any hot pack. Likewise you must avoid hot food/drink on the day of procedure.

Maintain proper oral hygiene by rinsing with lukewarm salt water after a couple of days.

Visit the dentist after a week or so for suture removal and further treatment.

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