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Bad Breath

Bad Breath

Halitosis is the unpleasant smell coming from the mouth.



Well, the answer remains simple. The general idea of the people would be it occurs when you don’t brush or floss your teeth regularly and maintain oral hygiene. But the real cause of the bad breath is because settling of odor-producing microorganisms on the uneven surfaces of the tongue. If the microorganisms settle for longer durations, they release sulfur compounds causing bad breath which might be embarrassing when you go out and talk to your friends.



Again, this would also be a general answer. It is really important for you to brush your teeth twice daily and floss at least once a day. Don’t forget to clean your tongue!! This helps you to maintain your oral hygiene and stops the odor-producing bacteria to sustain for longer durations on your tongue. Additionally, there are also some foods produce odors such as onion, garlic, alcohol. You can avoid these foods while you hang out with friends or go for important meetings or just gargle your teeth with mouthwash. However, it is so important for you to remember that bad breath is just not caused by not maintaining hygiene or eating odor-producing foods. Sometimes bad breath occurs because of the underlying gastric conditions, lung diseases, etc. So, it is always better to consult your doctor and get the best treatment for you.



In many cases, it can be reversed by understanding the cause of the bad breath. When you put track of your habits and go to your doctor, they help you in knowing the exact cause and the remedies or treatments for it. Nonetheless, bad breath is caused because of oral cavity maintenance in the majority of cases. So, always go to your dentist in the early stages and get the check-ups done every six months.

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