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Sinus Lift Procedure

Sinus Lift Procedure

Sinus lift Sinus lift is a Procedure Done in Upper Jaw to Increase the Amount of Bone space In Maxillary Posterior Region (Back tooth Region).

The oral surgeon will perform this procedure in upper jaw.

Sinus is actually a cavity present within your bone. It is not present at same level for everyone.

The surgeon will do the Sinus Lift Procedure when adequate bone space is absent.

For example If the patient is willing to replace missing teeth with Implants but don’t have required bone height then the surgeon will lift the sinus to a higher level for placing dental implants.


Your full mouth X-Ray is first taken for assessing the space.

First, your surgeon will give an incision on your gums.

Gum tissue is elevated to expose the bone underneath.

A small opening is made as well with a piezoelectric instrument.

A thin membrane is present which separates sinus from bone.

Sinus will lift up.

Patient instruction-

  • Do not blow air /sneeze vigorously from nose.
  • Bleeding from nose is common after this procedure.
  • Should do steam inhalation twice for five days.
  • Should follow the instructions and medication carefully as prescribed by the dentist.
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