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Implant Based Prosthesis

Implant Based Prosthesis

Implant based prosthesis

To smile with confidence can be a great challenge especially if you have missing teeth, in addition of that added gap you can have some skin folds and wrinkles.

Our dentists at Smile Dental can provide with the best of treatment options like implant based prosthesis for you to have a long lasting and perfect smile.

Implant based prosthesis help in replacing your missing teeth and is supported by implants surgically placed inside your jaws.

Your dental care provider will best advice you on which type of prosthesis to go for on implants according to the specific needs and conditions.

Some of the most common types of dental implants based prosthesis –
• Complete dental prosthesis, which is usually removable or fixed and for replacing all teeth either in upper or lower jaw.
• Partial dental prosthesis is mostly a fixed dental bridge supported on either side with implants or a removable prosthesis and they replace more than one tooth.
• Single prosthesis is just a dental crown placed directly over an implant to replace a single missing tooth.

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