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Frenectomy means removal of frenum attachment.


Frenectomy: Some people can notice a gradual increase of space between upper teeth. This is because of high frenal attachment.

This causes midline diastema (a condition where there is gap between upper centrals). By frenectomy this space cannot be reduced .

But it helps not to increase the space further. In such cases a labial frenectomy can be done.

Some children also face difficulty while speaking. Speech will be altered and will be having pronunciation problems.

This is because of a condition called Ankyloglossia (TONGUE TIE) where movement of tongue will be restricted. In such cases a lingual frenectomy can be done.

Frenum is fold of tissue. It is a fold of mucous membrane that attaches lips /Tongue to underlying bone.

Frenal attachment will not be the same for every person. There is a labial frenum. lingual frenum.

Frenum function is to provide stability to upper and lower lip, tongue.

If Labial frenum in maxilla (upper jaw) attaches between centre of upper lip and between upper two front teeth. This position often causes a large gap between teeth gradually.

During speaking or during any other movements this frenum will pull the underlying mucosa which leads to space between also leads to recession (where the gingiva will be pulled upward).


A condition called Ankyloglossia (OR) Tongue tie can be noticed in some patients. This is a condition seen in lower jaw.

In this condition there is a short lingual frenum. This causes speech problems due to limitation of tongue movement. there will be limited movement of tongue.

There are many techniques for frenectomy like simple excision, Z-plasty, Laser frenectomy, V-YPlasty technique.


It is done under local anaesthesia.

An incision is given with a scalpel/B.p blade.

This will separate frenum from underlying gingival(gums).

Then a suture is placed.

After a week suture removal is done. During this week patient should not pull his lip /tongue.

In case if it is a lingual frenectomy (for tongue) patient speech can be improved after this.

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