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Tooth Sensitivity ‎is an unusual sense of teeth that occurs when the exposure of inner surface of teeth occurs to outer environment where it may be a painful experience while having food or drinks (heat or cold) or during brushing.

Tooth Sensitivity may be cause of many reasons such as:

• Cavity formation (caries)
• Breakage of tip of the tooth
• Broken teeth due to an injury
• Any gum diseases
• Abrasions caused by improper brushing habits
• Enamel worn off

Tooth structure consists of enamel, dentin, and pulp in the crown portion which is visible in the mouth, where the first layer is the strongest structure and protects the teeth from all sorts of food or foreign particles and chewing without any problem.

Dentin is the second layer which is not as strong as the first layer, exposure of this layer occurs due to worn off of the first layer and leads to sensitivity of the tooth.

Pulp is the third layer that lies beneath dentin exposure of this layer leads to pain.

The root part which lies inside of bone and is not visible in the mouth consists of a layer called cementum that protects the teeth, any exposure of this layer also leads to sensitivity of tooth.

Sensitivity of tooth can be reduced by the following procedures:

• Desensitizing toothpastes: They consists of particles which helps in reducing the sensation of tooth to the nerves thus reducing the sensitivity.

Root canal treatment: If sensitivity is unbearable, it should be treated by rct so that the pain and sensitivity can be reduced completely.

A proper oral hygiene is the only way which prevents the tooth from any kinds of dental problems.


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