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In dental prophylaxis or deep cleaning of teeth your dentist will carefully clean the crown and root surfaces of the tooth and deep gum pockets to remove tar-tar, plaque buildup and bacterial toxins, smooth out and polish the tooth surfaces, they will use either hand held or ultrasonic instruments or both to perform it depending on your specific condition.

Furthermore, after deep cleaning / prophylaxis of your teeth a periodontal surgeon or a general dentist who regularly does such procedures will perform the gum graft surgeries if needed to prevent further gum recession and bone loss around tooth and / or dental implant, in some cases they may also use lasers.

In the end your dental care provider will give you after care instructions to follow after prophylaxis for maintaining a healthier smile specifically for your case.

Lastly do remember to consult your dental care provider at Smile Dental every three to six months to keep your dental health in check.



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