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Teeth Enamel

Bridging gaps between your teeth

TEETH ENAMELTeeth enamel, the strongest known substance in our body, covers the outer most layer of the visible portion of teeth.

Furthermore our teeth enamel plays an important role in protecting inner layers of the tooth from extreme chewing forces, acids from certain foods and drinks, prevents sensitivity to hot and cool stuff.

But, unlike other tissues of our body it can’t regenerate once it gets damaged. So maintain them by-
• Following proper oral care routine and use good fluoride based toothpaste as acids from plaque can cause decay.
• Similarly avoid consuming hard food stuffs like ice cubes, hard candy.
• Limit the intake of acidic and sugary food and beverages.
• Wear mouth-guards during any sports.
• Consult your dental care provider for a night guard if you have the habit of night time grinding of teeth.
• Don’t use your teeth other than for chewing and speaking like tearing a tag or opening a bottle cap, instead use tools like scissors, can openers or Swiss army knives.
• Maintain your regular visits to one of our dental offices at Smile Dental.

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