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Getting ready for tooth extraction

Getting ready for tooth

tooth extractionTooth Extraction

Even though permanent teeth are meant to last for lifetime, there are some cases in which you need to pull them out.

Severely decayed tooth which can’t be repaired, loose teeth, if your immune system is compromised as in chemotherapy or organ transplantation, getting ready for orthodontic treatment are some of the reasons where you have to get your tooth/teeth extracted.

Before getting your tooth pulled out you should let your dental surgeon know your complete medical history, medications and supplements you take.

On first day after extraction, your dental surgeon will place gauze near extraction site and instructs you to bite on it. Make sure to apply a good pressure on it.

You can change it as directed after twenty to thirty minutes with fresh gauze.

It’s normal to experience slight bleeding for about 24 hours.

Don’t brush teeth, spit or rinse your mouth on this day.

Don’t drink from a straw.

To reduce any swelling, use an ice pack on and off every half an hour for 24 hours.

When you return home, start drinking clear liquids like water first and gradually advance to soft food stuffs.
Don’t drive for 24 hours post surgery.

Avoid alcohol and smoking.

You might remain numb for several hours post surgery, don’t forget to take your prescribed pain killers and antibiotics.
Avoid aspirin as it might delay healing process.

Some antibiotics might reduce contraceptive effect of birth control pills, so contact your gynecologist or pharmacist if you are having any concerns about it.

On second day after extraction, return to your regular oral hygiene routine, but be careful around extraction site.
Avoid aggressive mouthwashes for about two weeks.

Use warm salt water rinse every two to three hours for three days.

Continue to eat soft food items and then gradually return to your normal diet.

Try to avoid any hot and spicy food stuff and drinks for few weeks.

If you are having any severe and excessive bleeding, rinse your mouth with cold water and gently wipe with soft gauze or cotton cloth.

Place a damp tea bag moistened with water and place it over the surgery site applying constant pressure.

Wait for about half an hour.If bleeding still persists then immediately call your dental office.

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