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Smile Designing


Smile designing treatment procedure will help you restore proper function and at the same time have aesthetically pleasing smile.

An attractive smile will give you the confidence to socialize in your society. But not everyone is fortunate enough to have a beautiful smile.

In Smile designing we take your detailed medical and dental history to plan out the quality of smile that is most desirable keeping in mind about its function and esthetics with recently available techniques.

Smile designing can be done by any one or combination of orthodontic treatment, restorative procedures, and crown placement.

Orthodontic treatment is done to correct the alignment of teeth so as to have symmetry. It can be done by Orthodontic surgery or Fixed orthodontic braces (Metal braces, Ceramic braces, clear aligners) In fixed braces treatment closure of spacing between your teeth and correction of any other misalignment in teeth like crowding is done.

Likewise surgical orthodontic procedure is done when braces alone cannot correct misalignment in jaws and teeth.

Similarly restorative procedure like composite bonding is done to improve the smile of the patient in cases where a minimal amount of enamel is etched and removed and a 0.5mm to 1mm of restorative material is placed and polished. Veneers are thin shells placed on the surface of the teeth by reducing a 0.5mm of teeth.

In crown placement the tooth structure is reduced on all the four sides and the size of teeth is recorded and a suitable crown is place to give you a beautiful smile.


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