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Using your teeth as tools?


Using your teeth as tools?

teeth as toolsWe often don’t realize the dangers of using our teeth other than chewing, speaking and smiling.

Sometimes we use our teeth to do number of odd jobs like to uncap a bottle, rip off a price tag, crack a nut, carry a bag, use as nail clipper and the list goes on…your teeth are not and never meant to be Swiss Army knife.

Likewise, your teeth can might get a crack, chip off or fracture if you use teeth as tools to help out with daily chores.

If you just don’t want to wait to crack that nut or uncap a bottle and so on, do make sure to keep a nut cracker, bottle opener, scissors and other tools nearby to do that work for you.

Remember that any chip or fracture you might get can easily get repaired by any one of our dentists at Smile Dental and others won’t even come to something had happened to them.

But it is best to avoid using them as tools and prevent any mishaps, as the teeth that you are born with are the best.