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Some tips for an awesome dentist free festival!

Some tips for an awesome dentist free festival! for you

There is no reason to not thoroughly celebrate and enjoy yourself during festival, but it is also important to take proper care of your teeth.

With all that tempting and delicious food and drinks to feast on, always remember to have them in moderation, preferably during meal times and avoid snacking until you are stuffed as munching continuously is not just bad for your waistline but your teeth as well.

Always remember to follow your oral care routine and don’t forget to rinse with fluoride based mouthwashes for added protection.

Drink lots of water to keep yourself hydrated; minimize consuming alcoholic beverages as it can dry your mouth, make healthier snack choice like nuts, apples and carrots.

It is common for us to ignore those little aches and pains in our mouth during festival period. But without proper treatment, any dental problem can become a bigger issue.

Tooth injuries during any festive season can range from hitting the jaw from underneath, broken teeth from patients attempting to open bottles or crack nuts with their teeth, or if someone accidentally knocks your glass on you while you’re taking a sip from it.

Opening bottles or even harmless things like gift wrappers with your teeth can cause them great damage, and can unfortunately warrant an emergency dental visit.

Do remember to get those bottle openers, scissors & other appropriate tools handy during the festive season!

Some tips for an awesome dentist free festival!



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