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Chocolate and candies v/s dental visit

You have fondness for sweets and chocolates, but are scared of cavities as well.

Sugars in candies are the main culprit, on which bacteria feed on releasing acids and cause decay. But when it comes to chocolate, few varieties might be good for your mouth.

Yes! Chocolate might actually be good for your teeth, that doesn’t mean that you can have any variety, it’s actually the cocoa bean not chocolate itself which has the good stuff. So, higher the cocoa content the better.

Cocoa beans have tannins, polyphenols, flavonoids which are known as strong anti oxidants that can have overall health benefit for your mouth and teeth. They could help inhibit bacteria from sticking on your teeth, neutralize microorganism and so might help prevent tooth decay and gum diseases.

Chocolates which have fewer sugars are better off than other candies as it can wash off your teeth easier, so “dark chocolates” are your best bet as they have higher cocoa and less sugar content.

To avoid having cavities and gum disease, eat candies or chocolates with meals, do not snack in between. And remember to rinse with clear water after meals.

Whenever we eat sweets the ph levels in our mouth decreases which can be bad for teeth, drinking water to raise ph levels of saliva is better to remove lingering sugars in our mouth.

Do remember to brush your teeth after an hour or so to keep your mouth healthy and maintain your regular visits to one of our dental offices of Smile Dental groups.



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