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Mouth ulcers

  Mouth ulcers are usually small and painful lesion which occurs either in your mouth or along the gum line. Mouth ulcers can make it difficult for you to chew, eat, drink and speak. Moreover there is no definite cause as to how they can occur. Accidental injuries from cheek bite, aggressive tooth brushing, ill […]

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teeth as tools


We often don’t realize the dangers of using our teeth other than chewing, speaking and smiling. Sometimes we use our teeth to do number of odd jobs like to uncap a bottle, rip off a price tag, crack a nut, carry a bag, use as nail clipper and the list goes on…your teeth are not […]

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Dental x-rays

Dental x-rays are one of the diagnostic tools which helps your dental care provider to diagnose the extent of damage and disease that is not visible during the regular dental examination. Different types of dental x-rays can be taken by your dentist for proper diagnosis and treatment planning. The dental care providers will most commonly […]

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Don’t fall asleep without brushing your teeth

A lot may happen within eight hours inside your mouth, especially when you are sleeping. The bacteria inside oral cavity can accumulate over your teeth forming a sticky film known as plaque which can harden to form tartar which can continue to get worse if you skip to perform regular oral care. Tar-tar has the […]

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Track your baby’s new teeth

  Each and every kid will have a different pattern in which their teeth erupt. Generally we all have a total of twenty baby teeth which would all have erupted at around two to three years of age. To track your baby’s new teeth remember that for every six months of your child’s age a […]

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TMJ syndrome

TMJ– the temperomandibular joint is a joint which connects your jaw with skull bone. It is usually common to have pain and disturbances in function with this joint. TMJ syndrome is mostly characterized by pain in jaw joint, restricted jaw movement, pain in muscles, stiffness of jaw muscles, clicking sounds while opening and closing mouth. Trauma due to […]

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Severe toothache!

A severe toothache can be really painful and it hinders you from performing your daily routine properly. Toothache can be sharp, throbbing, pricking type or you can also have generalized pain in mouth which can be hard to pinpoint. Your mouth becomes sore and tender, indicating that you have to make an appointment at a dental […]

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Is hygiene necessary for implants?

Oral hygiene maintenance is of utmost importance for dental implants as it is for your natural teeth. Proper oral care must take place before, during and after implant placement. Although implants themselves can’t decay, the bone and gums surrounding it should be properly maintained for your overall oral health and to increase the lifespan of […]

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